Friday, February 14, 2014

2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition

Today we have more of a premium product, which hopefully will produce something nice here... being Valentine's Day hopefully it will show me some love!

2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition
5 Cards
Note: usually I like to use a picture of the pack - but I did buy the blaster box so I suppose it's fitting

Card #1 - Ryan Garvey #99 (Colorado)
Approx. Value: $0.50

<no pic available>
Card #2 - Bruce Kern #57 (Colorado)
Approx. Value: $0.50

Card #3 - Mason Thompson #18 (Team USA)
Approx. Value: $6.00
Note: I actually downloaded this picture, my piece of jersey is grey

Card #4 - Marco Gonzales #6 (St. Louis)
Approx. Value: $3.00
Note: photo shows regular card

Card #5 - Alex Balog #24 (Colorado)
Approx. Value: $0.50

Card #6 - Matt Duffy #66 (Houston)
Approx. Value: $0.50

Cost of Pack: $5.00
Approx. Value: $11.00
"Profit": $6.00
Number of Cards Into Collection: 6/6
Most Valuable: Mason Thompson Team USA Game Used Jersey #18 ($6.00)
Number of Specialty Cards: 2 (1 GU, 1 Serial)

Most Valuable Find So Far: 2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition Mason Thompson Team USA Game Used Jersey #18 ($6.00)

That definitely was not bad. About time I hit something here, especially nice to hit 2 - a Game Used Jersey and a serial numbered card of /200. I have 4 more packs of these to open and hope I can continue the streak here - although these cards are more expensive and have less cards perhaps the likelihood of actually hitting something is increased here. Got a bunch of other packs to consider opening as well so who knows what tomorrow holds! See ya next time!

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